The Story of Crake

Trendy and comfortable sneakers for everyday wear

Crake entered the world of lifestyle sneakers with a hands-on approach. It all started when our founder went on a vacation across the ocean. He wanted to wear something classy and funky without compromising on comfort. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything that had all the attributes he wanted or the design that would express his style, and keep his feet comfy at the same time.He came up with the idea of starting a sneakers brand for people who wanted both of the worlds, style and comfort. The goal was to create premium sneakers for everyday wear that were simple yet unique and fashionable, with the comfort of a tennis shoe. A great mix don’t you think. So, after a long journey and many nights of hard work he accomplished his goal and ‘Crake’ came to life. Crake uses carefully selected materials, combined with a no-nonsense design that is perfect for everyday wear. Being an independent footwear brand with a pro-active attitude, Crake focuses on creating on-trend designs with a special insole to give you that comfortable feeling. Our exclusive sneakers deliver outstanding quality and craftsmanship.


Crake's  VISION

Crake is a Singapore-based luxury sneakers brand for men and women that offers worldwide shipment. Ever since the start, the vision has been to be a global sneaker brand, for the fashion forward, quality conscious and comfort-driven consumer.Our brand was created in the pursuit of finding the most elegant and the comfiest sneaker in the market, a combination of the most creative street style and the highest quality, and craftsmanship in the world.

Crake’s Mission

Crake sits at the junction of luxury and performance, creating the world's finest sneakers for optimum comfort for all aspects of your lifestyle from training to travel and everything in between

We want to change the way people engage with high-quality footwear, exposing our fans to new styles and experiences.We aim to be a worldwide leader in the sneakers industry and want to set standards that are matched by none. Our sneakers are meticulously designed for both men and women who love to express their creativity and individuality to the world. 


Product features


High Quality Materials

We only use the highest quality and the most enduring materials in our sneakers. From the best outsoles to ethically sourced insoles, our shoes are your perfect companion for everyday wear. 


Fair Pricing

Most brands in our industry charge very high markups on their sneakers. To make luxury accessible, we've built connections with the best manufacturers and sell directly to you.


Good for Your Feet

Comfort is really important to us. That’s why our sneakers are made from the finest materials that offer maximum comfort, keeping your feet dry and fresh all day long. 

Carefully designed for your everyday lifestyle. We have combined your everyday footwear needs into a simple and modern sneaker with innovative features. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now at our online store and feel the difference!

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